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I turn on the water and wash. I close my eyes and tilt my head back to rinse the suds from the top of my head. When I open my eyes, a ginormous spider hangs right there over my head.

I shriek, swiping at it with a hand. It drops to dangle lower, closer to my face. Screaming even louder, I back away as far as I can from the grotesque thing and reach for my loofah to smash the spider’s brains in.

A loud boom crashes in the living room momentarily distracting me from the insect invading my shower.

“Sophia!” I hear Gunnar’s voice just before he barges into the bathroom. His eyes are bright blue. He’s on the verge of shifting to wolf.

Baffled, he looks around the tiny room, and at me cowered in the corner of the shower.

“What’s wrong?”

I point to the spider dangling. His jaw drops in disbelief. Instead of getting the spider, he leans forward on his knees and laughs. Then, he throws his head back and roars louder. Next thing I know, he’s holding his stomach he’s laughing so hard.

“It’s not funny!” I stretch a bit more for the loofah on the hook under the shower head. The spider takes that moment to scurry up his web a bit.

“Aaaah.” I press back against the tile. “Gunnar!”

“Alright. Alright.” Still snickering under his breath, he opens the glass shower door, grabs the spider in one of his huge hands and flushes the enemy down the toilet.

“Thank you.” I turn off the water.

He chuckles, shaking his head, before turning back to me. With a glance up and down my naked body, his humor fades to something else.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t tease you.” He licks the tip of his canine as he ogles me. “Phobias are very real to people who have them,” he says to my breasts.

Pebbling in response to the sparkle of lust in his eyes, my nipples want more than his stare. Heat pools between my legs. I reach for the towel.

His hand stills mine. “Oh no, my beauty. I see, and I want. Everything.” With an arm, he hooks me around my waist at the same time that he takes my mouth. Unlike the soft kisses earlier this afternoon, this one is ravenous and possessive.

Forcing my mouth open, his tongue plunges in and strokes hungrily. Cupping my behind with both hands, he lifts me out of the shower, presses me to his hard bulge.

A moan vibrates from my mouth into his. Common sense and control gone, my hands wind around his neck, my legs wrap around his waist. My hips rock in rhythm to his grinding groin.

Gunnar growls with every breath. Kissing my throat and shoulders, and frantically caressing my breasts, my rear, my hips, my legs, I read his white hot want for me loud and clear. His heat fans mine.

With a moan, he lowers his head, captures a nipple with his tongue, twirling it with skill and then sucking my entire areola into his mouth.

Oh my divinity, his mouth is magical. I groan and bow my back into the pleasure. His hand dips between my legs, long fingers stroke my folds, circle my opening. My hips automatically rotate with the movement of his hand and buck without shame when he finally slides a finger inside me.

“Gunnar,” I moan, working my muscles to pull him in.

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About the Author:

Take bits of Jackie Collins, elements of Fifty Shades, a touch of J. R. Ward, and mash in a healthy dose of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you’ve got the essence of Dany Rae’s storytelling style. She’s devoted to writing sexy yet smart, mystical yet believable storylines woven by tantalizing, well-developed characters that pull readers in.