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Soft Shatter (Wolven Moon Book 1) 2017-10-26T14:46:28+00:00
Soft Shatter (Wolven Moon Book 1)
eBook: 99¢
Series: Wolven Moon, Book 1
Genres: Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romance
Publisher: Dany Rae Miller
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: B00Q759W2E
ISBN: 1540824888

You found it! This is the book with the four-chapter, ménage love scene!

"Mind-blowing and unbelievably steamy!!!! If every paranormal book was like this book I would be reading nothing but paranormal."
About the Book


Soft Shatter is a love story, but it’s a little outside of the box. Well, maybe it’s a lot outside of the box.

If you love epic sagas that pull you into a world of drama and a cast of characters that influence one another’s lives, you’re going to adore the Wolven Moon series.

Fair disclosure: Wolven Moon isn’t your momma’s romance. The language is adult and the heat level is high. In fact, Soft Shatter includes an MFM ménage love scene. It’s vivid and four chapters long, but it’s crucial to the love story and the paranormal story, and explains about …… Well, you’ll see.

Find a comfy place to read and come on into a new paranormal world.

In love with Shavone since childhood, I just want her safe. I take my duty as French alpha serious, whether Shavone likes it or not. But, now that she’s all grown up, I also want her body and her heart. I waited so long. Did I wait too long?

I came to Colorado to do my duty as a French beta. And my first assignment is to help my cousin, Nash, protect Shavone. But, holy Toledo, that little kitten has no idea the power she wields over my beast.

I have one lifelong obsession. Only one. And that is the little witch who just walked into the Denver Dollhouse. My wolf met Shavone long ago. That was a night from hell I will never forget, the horrors of which my obsession is just beginning to remember. She’s mine. I’m certain and have been since that fateful night, that we’re destined mates.

I’m desperate to find my runaway sister. When witchcraft fails to provide the answers, I resort to the last resort — getting a job at the Denver Dollhouse. Oh, I get some answers, but to questions I didn’t even think to ask.

Wolven Moon reading order

Soft Shatter
Soft Fate
Accidental Lovers (can be read as a standalone)
Soft Pleasure
Soft Seduction

***** Due to vivid love scenes and naughty language, Wolven Moon novels are intended for ages 18+ *****

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